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Opulence Magazine by AlmaVerso

Dear Versalmados:

Opulence is a lifestyle magazine based in Edinburgh. Why do I tell you about it? Well, because it has only been published for 4 editions for free and has already become one of the essential guides on social life, business and creativity of the city. Not only does it show us the latest restaurants, it also informs us of the latest developments in the city. In addition, with each new magazine, they talk about entrepreneurs who put all their effort into moving forward their passion, getting Edinburgh to continue growing both culturally and commercially. All within a social environment and respect that is something that I personally, I value very much and all the people I know agree with me.

   Edinburgh is a city that advocates honesty and social commitment. And all that is also reflected in Opulence, the magazine that does not stop growing and that captivates us with every page. Everything you can read in Opulence, everything you can see and perceive, is honest, it is …

The Barologist by AlmaVerso - Edinburgh Restaurant


   A few days ago I was eating at a new restaurant in Edinburgh. The Barologist, which is what it is called, transports you to a plane that is adverse to the everyday, like going back to the past. A past full of inventions and memories.
   For the occasion, I wore a Polo Ralph Lauren sweater in pink two sizes too large to wear oversize style so comfortable that I love it.
   We ordered some starters: two of Scottish smoked salmon, one of the prawns with garlic (it had too much butter for my taste), and some pieces of chicken coated with Ali-olí sauce. £12.
In addition to a duck pate with oatmeal toast and a shrimp salad with salmon and avocado. Certainly, everything was delicious.
It is that kind of restaurant to go with friends and enjoy cocktails and good food, very exquisite.
 And I'll be back.



   Hace unos días estuve comiendo en un restaurante nuevo que hay en Edimburgo. The Barologist, que es cómo se llama, te transporta a un plano adverso a…